Hailing Gurung as the undisputed leader of the Gorkhaland movement

Darjeeling, Sep 1 (IANS) The CID West Bengal on Friday issued look out notices against three Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leaders, including party chief Bimal Gurung, as tensions continued to mount in the northern West Bengal hills following a rift within the Morcha leadership.State Tourism Minister Goutam Deb said the state government is keeping a close watch on the situation.

Terming the renewed agitation in the hills as peoples movement, GJM General Secretary Roshan Giri said people in the hills favoured continuing the shutdown till a separate state of Gorkhaland is created.IANSsgh-mgr/bdc/rnPost Source: Ians feed.Some miscreants tried to create ruckus by pelting stones yesterday night.A GJM activist was allegedly killed in police firing while at least nine party leaders were arrested by the police during a raid in south Sikkims Namchi. Police are keeping a close watch.Thousands of pro-shutdown activists hit the streets at various places in the hills, including Kurseong, Sonada, Rangan and Darjeeling, in shrill condemnation against Tamang and Thapa, who had called off the shutdown for 12 days, starting from September 1. We will not intervene if the agitation is done in a democratic way, a senior police officer said in Darjeeling.

The GJM leadership which convened a central committee meeting in Sikkim on Friday expelled Tamang and senior party leader Anit Thapa, accusing them of conspiring to derail the Gorkhaland movement. The poor people of the hills are ready to suffer even further for the cause of Gorkhaland. We wont let their sacrifice go in vain, Giri said.This is a peoples movement. Slogans like Binay Tamang murdabad and We want Gorkhaland were raised.We hope for an amicable solution to the problem, Deb said.Gurungs supporters on Friday stepped up rallies and picketing, completely stalling flow turbomachinery bearing of life in the region and effectively negating the suspension of the strike that was announced by GJM Joint Secretary Binay Tamang a day ago.Lookout circular was issued against Gurung, Partys General Secretary Roshan Giri as well as party leader Prakash Gurung, sources said, for their alleged role in various incidents, including blasts in Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Shops, schools, colleges and offices remained closed since Friday morning.Gurung, in a purported voice clip from an undisclosed location, has accused some of his party leaders of joining hands with the West Bengal government and of conspiring to foil their agitation for a separate state of Gorkhaland.Hailing Gurung as the undisputed leader of the Gorkhaland movement, the agitators pledged to continue the impasse till the statehood for the region is realised.Claiming that the situation was under control, police in Darjeeling said they would not intervene if the agitation is conducted in a democratic, peaceful manner.Streets in Darjeeling and other parts of the hills looked deserted. Some activists are agitating again today. But we dispersed the crowd

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Access for women to reproductive health services

Over 380,000 of them have gathered in makeshift or spontaneous settlements. By carrying out this campaign so rapidly, the Ministry of Health has taken a critical step in defending the health and well-being of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children, she added.

Access for women to reproductive health services is especially important.New Delhi, Sep 19 (IANS) The WHO has released its first tranche of emergency funding of 175,000 to provide lifesaving healthcare to the vulnerable population in Bangladeshs Coxs Bazar, a statement said on Tuesday. Poor nutrition, communicable diseases (including vaccine-preventable and water-borne diseases), injuries and other concerns such as mental health provide immense public health challenges that Ministry of Health, Bangladesh, WHO and other health partners are working to address.

Though the World Health Organisation (WHO) did not specifically mention the Rohingya refugees, over 410,000 of them have arrived in Coxs Bazar since August 25 after escaping Myanmars military crackdown. Vulnerable populations require access to health services, including emergency and basic health care. The grant is also being used to procure essential medicines and medical supplies to be distributed to pre-existing health facilities in Coxs Bazar area.IANSrup/amit/vmPost Source: Ians feed.

The Ministry of Healths mobile medical teams will help deliver those services amid a highly challenging situation, said Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director for WHO South-East Asia.Singh said mass immunization is also being done, which is a powerful way to keep vulnerable communities safe from communicable diseases due to overcrowding and inadequate journal pad access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.The WHO South-East Asia Regional Health Emergency Fund (SEARHEF) grant of 175,000 will support 20 mobile medical teams to provide essential services for at least two months

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Four years ago

 This is an extensive and complex procedure as this cancer is spread all over the abdomen. This causes the pain and swelling associated with the disease.PSOGI is a non-profit organization to promote research, education and innovations in patient care regarding peritoneal cancers. Sugarbaker is supported ably in this endeavor by other pioneers in the field of peritoneal surface oncology like Dr.Peritoneal cancer spread restricts the peritoneum from expanding due to a buildup of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Suddenly in the last few months he was suffering from abdominal pain and tests detected a tumor growth in the peritoneal cavity and around the liver, spleen and intestinal surfaces.The program and live surgery highlighted treatment of stage 4 cancers that have spread to theabdominal cavityBengaluru, 18th April, 2015: Innovation in the effective treatment and management of abdominal cancers has ensured improved outcomes and Motor Journal Bearing Suppliers a better quality of life for patients. He has come to us at the right time as it is still possible to completely remove the tumor,” Dr Aditi added. David Morris (St. Once the surgery to remove the tumour is done, chemotherapy (HIPEC) is given directly to the peritoneal cavity, wherein a hot solution is circulated inside the cavity to totally destroy the residual tumour.

  The workshop disseminated valuable information on the use of advanced techniques such as cytoreductive surgery and Hyperthermic Intraoperative Chemotherapy (HIPEC ) to treat abdominal cancers and prolong the patient’s life.The live surgery demonstration by Dr Sugarbaker was part of a workshop on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies held from April 16-18 with an aim to provide a comprehensive idea about the current standards in the management of such cancers.

  At that time only his appendix was removed but no other treatment was given. Earlier such tumours could only be treated symptomatically or with limited chemotherapy. Cytoreductive surgery has been developed for the treatment of peritoneal tumors( The peritoneum is the inner lining of the abdominal cavity and the surfaces of the intestines).

  Four years ago, his appendiceal tumour ruptured and spread all over the abdominal cavity. During the procedure, surgeons explore all the regions of the abdomen and remove the areas/organs bearing tumor. Cancer from other sites like the colon, ovary etc can spread to the peritoneal lining (known as peritoneal metastases) or can arise from the peritoneum itself.“Since it was a slow growing tumour, he did not have any symptoms for four years.The programme also included lectures on the basics of cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC as well as on specific diseases like colorectal, ovarian, gastric and appendiceal cancer and rare conditions like pseudomyxoma, peritonei and peritoneal mesothelioma. A live surgery organised at Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road by the Peritoneal Surface Oncology Group International (PSOGI) headed by noted oncologist Dr Paul Sugarbaker, demonstrated this to Indian oncologists on 17th April.

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A good and enriching work

  It is also a place that should teach its members, who represent it in the outside world, the absolute importance of ethical behaviour. Yet, often the growing diversity presents difficulties in the form of cultural differences and preferences leading to arguments. That is why we say, ’Life is brighter under the Sun. The more belongingness your employees feel with the organization, the more wholeheartedly they will contribute to it. If Plain Bearings Manufacturers your employees are ethical in dealing with the customers, the clients, and even fellow industrywallahs, this will translate into a good image for the company outside.Rajeev Bhardwaj, VP, Human ResourceOur workplace is where we spend almost one half of our life. India is not new to diversity, yet our behavior often reflects tendencies of racial discrimination.The question of assimilating diversity and using it to advantage is a burning question in many countries of Europe like France, Germany, Cyprus, Sweden etc which have witnessed a huge influx of migrants from across the world. This means the organization will attract good human resource from across the industry.

  An organization however should ensure that its employees do not carry such attitude to the workplace or when amongst their colleagues outside workplace. The problems faced by people from the north eastern states in Delhi, is a case in point. There is no doubt about good human resource being a company’s biggest asset. In fact, a workplace should be like a second family where every member, no matter what his or her origin or background, must feel at home. After our home (some would argue, even before), workplace is the focal point around which our lives revolve. We here celebrate the life journey of our employees that is to say, we believe in making the tenure of every employee one of the best days of his life, by ensuring that his/her individuality is respected and no discrimination is there on the basis of caste, creed, religion, place of origin and beliefs or any other aspect for that matter. This amalgamation provides a wonderful cauldron from where new ideas and systems will originate. Socially, some of these countries have seen a rise of a radical right in response to an influx of immigrants.In today’s world of free flow of people and brain, work communities can no longer afford to be monolithic. Not many reflect the foresight of looking ahead to construct an organizational fabric that cherishes diversity and make ethical behaviour the hallmark of its culture.

  A good and enriching work environment is what most people look for, apart from remuneration. Since, no organization desires to lose business it is imperative to understand that ethical practices help companies retain clients and produce a long-term relationship. In debt-ridden Greece, for example, an anti immigrant radical right party attracted much negative attention across the world when it offered free food to hundreds of struggling people of Athens, but strictly excluded foreigners from their aid programme.

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